Guitar Set-ups

Having a great set-up on your guitar will greatly improve playability and really increases the pleasure of simply playing it. It never ceases to amaze me how you can go to a music shop and try out guitars that have not been set up properly either by the manufacturer or the shop; amazing - they both need you to be impressed enough to buy it off them!

So many fall short of what I would consider acceptable - here’s just a few areas where I have seen ample room for improvement on brand new guitars – even those with top names on the headstock. Poor playing action, badly finished fretwork – sharp fret ends and frets clearly not dressed properly, dull played out strings – the list goes on.

Please feel free to call (or email) me before you buy anew (or used guitar) – I will give you impartial advice. Click here to download my free e-book Buying a New Guitar – How to Chose the Best.

If you already own a guitar, having your guitar professionally set-up is a very inexpensive way of getting the best from your instrument with the most noticeable effect. If you already know how you like your guitar to be set-up, for example string gauge and playing action, then I can set it precisely to your requirements. However if you are unsure of how you want your guitar to play or even what string gauge you need, then I can offer you assistance with finding exactly the right set up for you.

Standard Set-up

In the Standard set-up, (which I recommend for all brand new guitars), I set the guitar up to suit your playing style and choice of strings. This includes action adjustment at the bridge and the nut, truss rod adjustment, intonation, fingerboard cleaned and oiled, frets polished, restringing, pickup height adjustment, clean and polish.

Players Set-up

In the Players set-up, (which I recommend for brand new guitars as well!), I set your guitar up to playing perfection.

First the strings are removed and the neck is gently returned to a flat set. I calibrate this against the fingerboard (ie the playing surface) using a special tool. I do this to make absolutely sure the neck is straight not just flat against existing fret-line (because we don’t know they are, right?).

The neck is then masked off to protect it and the frets are then levelled by hand to create a beautifully level fret-set and then each fret is re-crowned again by hand to create perfect intonation.

Lastly each fret is polished one by one, across the fingerboard, to create the easiest neck you have ever played! After all of this, I readjust the truss-rod, check and clean the electronics, and perform a basic set-up.